Win a travel writing scholarship to Australia

Okay so you know we love Australia and you know we love travel writing, so we’re super excited to partner with World Nomads to share this opportunity with you.


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Many people contact us wanting to know how they can have our life … I’m guessing sans crazy kids!


I think a lifestyle of travel is high on anyone’s bucket list. There are many ways you can earn money travelling around the world, one of the most exciting is travel blogging, or travel writing.


I am super passionate about travel blogging, but I spend most of my days feeling very insecure about my writing. I’ve never had any formal training and I’ve spent the past few weeks contemplating how I can learn from some of the best to perfect my craft.


I have a few highly-esteemed travel writing friends and I read their words and only wish I could do the same. One of those edits my work quite regularly and I learn so much about perfecting my craft from her.


The ability to craft a good travel story is an art but is one that can be learned with the right teaching, mentoring and opportunities. don’t worry if you feel insecure about your abilities either. Never let that get in the way of your dreams. I’m insecure every day (and I know many travel writers who are), but look at what I’ve been able to create regardless. You can too.


If you’re dreaming of a life jetsetting around the world and earning money writing stories about it, then here’s an opportunity that can give you a gigantic head start in the travel industry.


World Nomads has opened up their travel writing scholarship program for 2016 and it involves a country we know well and love deeply – Australia!!


This is such an awesome opportunity and if you desire to become a travel writer, I suggest you warm up that pen and keyboard and start your application now!


What is the World Nomads travel scholarship?


travel writing scholarship


World Nomads has partnered with Lonely Planet, Urban Adventures, and YHA to give three aspiring travel writers the chance to attend a custom three-day travel writing workshop in Melbourne with Veteran Lonely Planet author Anthony Ham followed by individual 10-day road trips across Australia.


There are many stories waiting for you to uncover in Australia, and the workshop will teach you how to find those stories and bring them to life. Then you’ll be thrown out into the field to find and write them on an all-expenses paid trip!


This is a great opportunity to kick start your career to be mentored by industry professionals for real-life travel writing, photography and filmmaking assignment out in the field and in one of the best countries in the world!!


World Nomads is one of the best travel insurance companies in the world. They’re not just about travel insurance though, they put a lot of resources into helping travellers have a great travel experience, but also empowering people to turn their travel passions into a career.


Their scholarship program does just that and is a fitting for me to share at the moment as I’ve been talking a lot about the importance of storytelling in travel – it’s the best way to inspire wanderlust and develop understanding.


What your travel writing scholarship prize includes


travel writing scholarship


Each of the 3 successful applicants will receive the following;

    • return economy airfare from the nearest international airport to Melbourne, Australia
    • a 3-day workshop with travel writer and mentor Anthony Ham in Melbourne, Australia
    • 3 nights accommodation in Melbourne, courtesy of YHA Australia
    • a $3000 AUD stipend to go towards food, activities, transport and accommodation on the 10-day road trip around Australia
    • a 15-night ePack to use on the 10-day road trip, courtesy of YHA Australia
    • a free YHA Australia membership, courtesy of YHA Australia
    • a free 3-day Adventure Tours Australia trip, to be used during the 10-day road trip
    • 3 free Urban Adventures day tours, to be used during the 10-day road trip
    • reimbursement for the cost of any relevant visas and vaccinations
    • travel insurance for the duration of the trip from World Nomads
    • an opportunity to directly become Lonely Planet assignment, Pathfinders, provided the winners meet the requirements for the Pathfinders program
    • a free copy of “Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing”

How to apply for the scholarship


Entry is easy but does require thought and creativity. You’ll be asked to write a 2500 character story on a chosen theme, select two itinerary ideas you’d like to write about, and fill out an application form saying why you should be chosen and what the opportunity will mean for you.


To get started:

    1. Visit this page to find all the information
    1. Watch the video for instructions on how to enter
    1. Read what the judges are looking for
    1. Prepare your story and write it carefully. Be sure to edit it (get a friend to triple check it). Once submitted you cannot go back and edit your story. You get one chance!
    1. Here’s that page link again to get started.

Who can apply for the travel writing scholarship?

    • Anyone over the age of 18, with a high proficiency of English.
    • Aussies can also apply – why not explore your beautiful country – we did and fell in love.
    • Non-professional writers – those who derive more than 25% of their income from writing are ineligible. This scholarship is to help aspiring travel writers kick start their career.

Important dates

    • 19th May 2016 – Applications Open
    • 27th June 2016 – Submission Deadline
    • 28th Jun – 14th July 2016 – Judging Period
    • 15th July 2016 – Winners announced
    • Oct 2016 – Winners go on their trips

Want some help and inspiration?


Sunset silhouette of Kata Tjuta, Australia


After you’ve checked out the scholarship page and began composing your entry, you may wish to come back and check some of these posts for inspirations on places to visit in Australia and some of the stories you may find there.


Know someone who would love this opportunity? Please share this page with them using the buttons below. You can also repin this image:


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This post is brought to you in partnership with World Nomads


Win a travel writing scholarship to Australia


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