How Am I Doing? Help Me Make This Place Better!

taking a survey


Hi all,


Just a short post today. Every six months I like to survey the community to get a sense of what’s working and what’s not. After all, I work for you and, as the site has grown from being just a personal blog, checking in lets me prioritize improvements and understand what you like and how you feel.


Over the years, your feedback has led to many useful improvements:

    • the site’s current design
    • better navigation
    • the addition of regular columnists
    • and much, much more.

I would appreciate it if you filled out this 10-question survey. It will take only five minutes of your time and I take these responses very seriously! Your feedback makes this website and community better!


Click here to take this five-minute survey!


These surveys are incredibly important to me, as I greatly value your feedback.


So please take five minutes and tell me what you like or what changes you would like to see! Be brutally honest. I won’t be hurt.


Thank you!


– Matt


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