The Ultimate Pack To Help You Travel and Earn Money

With ever-evolving mobile technology at our fingertips, it’s never been a better time to take your office and skills on the road.


Just sit down and watch House Sitters International every night and you’ll see the desire to relocate to countries around the world is on the rise. Whether it’s a career move,a chance to follow their dreams with freelance work, or creating their own business, there’s a thirst for more control over lifestyle choices and the ability to earn money from anywhere.




We’ve chosen the location independent lifestyle through travel blogging, which incorporates different ways of making money online such as freelance writing, products, sponsorship, and affiliate marketing.


We love to share our wisdom, but we don’t know everything. There’s a lot to learn from the right people who can show you how to earn money successfully online and travel the world.


Before you jump into a location independent lifestyle, it’s best to:

    • have a plan for how you can make money
    • know how to run a business and think like an entrepreneur
    • know how to travel cheaply and smartly
    • refine your skills you can effectively apply strategies and tools to create a successful online business and earn money from anywhere.

Although it’s challenging, the sense of freedom earning money from anywhere gives you is unsurpassed and well worth the sacrifices.


Are you ready to work from anywhere, earn money online, and travel the world?


The Ultimate guide to freedom and more travel


It’s Paradise Pack time again – the time of year where you can get access to over 20 of the best online courses, eBooks and travel hacks to help you work and earn money from anywhere (not just in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but expensive places like Australia too!).


Do you:

    • Want to travel more but think it’s too expensive?
    • Have a bunch of ideas, but no idea where to start?
    • Always wonder how people could actually make money online?
    • Want to start doing something that you love?
    • Dread waking up to an alarm clock each morning (like I always did?)

Are you saying yes, yes, yes, yes, yes to something more fulfilling and exciting?


Then the Paradise Pack is for you!


get started now


The experts in the Paradise Pack will show you EXACTLY how to travel cheaper, start a business you love, AND earn money from anywhere.


You don’t need to be rich, or a business guru, or even know where to start and it doesn’t have to be about running a business whilst your constantly on the move either. Whether you want to work from home and take just a few trips a year, travel long term, become a digital nomad, or move to another country, the Paradise Pack has got you covered.


You’re looking at educational material with a value of over $2500 for just $197 (that’s almost 90% savings)


But here’s the catch – the Paradise Pack is only available for seven days – and then it’s gone forever.


Yes, we are partners of the Paradise Pack, as we were last year because we believe in empowerment, digital lifestyle, and as much travel as you possibly can. Our premium training is also featured in the pack – How to move from blog to business in six stages.




What makes the Paradise Pack so awesome

    • Access to 20+ expert training in one pack -step-by-step instructions helping you become an expert at a variety of key skills.
    • It’s focused on travel and FREEDOM business.
    • Not only will it help you learn how to save money on travel, it will teach you to replace your income, develop unlimited earning potential, and leave your job behind forever.
    • You can learn at your own pace. I’m still doing some of the courses from last year!
    • Contributes to social good – 10% of profits go towards building schools in less developed countries with the PP partner, Pencils for Promise.

get started now


A glimpse into some of the courses in the Paradise Pack


The Paradise Pack changes every year. I think this year is even better than last and jam-packed with valuable insights, strategies and tips.


No matter what your dream lifestyle includes, the Paradise Pack has someone who has done just that – and who is dedicated to helping you do the same!

    • Being a published author.
    • Traveling for six months straight.
    • Making your first $1000 online.
    • Growing your online business $5k a month to $50k a month
    • Starting a blog and getting 1,000 (or 100,000) readers.
    • Getting a freelance writing gig for the New York Times, National Geographic, or Conde Nast.
    • Or just figuring out how to START ­ taking your passion, getting your first idea, and making your first dollar online.

Sunset silhouette at Agnes Water Beach - Queensland, Australia


Let me tell you the ones I’m most excited about and why:


Ruth Soukup – Elite Blogging Academy Course


You’ve heard me mention Ruth before in my Problogger wrap from last year. She was a keynote speaker, and I loved what she had to say about blogging and building a profitable online business. Her success story is amazing (1.5 million page views per month and a freedom lifestyle).


Her blogging course comes with huge wraps and is the only blogging course Darren Rowse recommends. With the Paradise Pack, you get access to the lite version of her Elite Blogging Academy Course, which teaches you how the exact steps needed to start, grow and monetize your blog.


Benny Lewis – Fluent in three months


Knowing other languages is not only fun and a huge confidence booster, but it also aids with communication and understanding on your travels.


Learning a language can often seem like such a task for people that they don’t even try. The legendary Benny, who speaks 12 languages, will teach you how to speak a language in only three months.


Natalie Sisson  – Freedom Plan Crash Course


Otherwise known as the Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie has run a successful digital nomad business now since 2006 and teaches others how to do it. We were recently interviewed by her for her popular podcast. She’s super nice and has lots of great insights to share.


Natalie is also keynoting the Problogger conference this year. This is your chance to get the inside scoop with her Freedom Plan Crash Course teaching you how to take your passions and existing skills to start a business based people will pay you for.


Travis Sherry –  Frequent Flyer Bootcamp


Co-founder of the Paradise Pack, Travis will teach you the system he uses to get flights anywhere in the world for under $100, including a $5 flight to Rio from the World Cup and $50 tickets to Australia. You’ll never pay full price (or anywhere close to it) for plane tickets again! Now that sounds like the kind of information every traveller needs!


Gabrielle Wallace – 7 steps to be seen


We’ve just started focusing on YouTube and video so I’m excited to dive into this course by Gabrielle Wallace to learn the less-obvious strategies that work for getting views, subscribers, and visibility online plus what it takes to get tens of thousands of subscribers, authentic views, and an engaged audience!


Plus many many more experts and courses for you to dive into.


These products won’t be available in the Paradise Pack again, nor at such a super low price. It’s everything you’ll need to get started with your online business, digital lifestyle and making money from anywhere.


A Paradise Pack bonus


The first 500 people to sign up to the Paradise Pack this year will receive Nate Buchanan’s Mistake Fare Manual + Deal Alerts.


This is a $47 product and will help people score cheap “mistake fare” plane tickets.  But, you’ve got to act fast so you don’t miss this.


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What a digital business can give you


Blogging lifestyle


Here’s an insight into how flexible and free this travel and online business lifestyle can be. As you’re reading this now, I’m probably in bed crashed out after an epic 25-hour trip Denver, Colorado to attend a travel influencer summit.


I’m going to be masterminding with 20 of the top travel digital influencers – something I could never have dreamed would be my reality six years ago when I decided to start a travel blog because I wanted to work from anywhere and have the freedom to travel whenever I wanted.


I had no idea what I was doing when we started the blog but ended up here.


With the online world, you can truly work from anywhere at any time and, you can automate it so much that your business continues to run while you’re watching movies, or sleeping.


If only I had Travis Frequent Flyer Bootcamp course before this trip, I could have perhaps scored myself a business class upgrade.


Learn from the masters, diligently apply what you’ve learned and you’ll be amazed at the lifestyle you can create from yourself.


The Paradise Pack is only available until 11:59 am PST on June 6th.


get started now


Please share this valuable pack with any friends you know want to travel more and create a location independent lifestyle. Here’s an image you can pin:




The Ultimate Pack To Help You Travel and Earn Money


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